The region’s largest event for the Arabic perfume industry

The 1st edition of the Emirates Perfumes & Oud Exhibition is an ideal platform for major industry players in the Middle East to come together and showcase the finest exquisite oriental Arabian perfumes and oud products that are greatly embedded in the rich Emirati culture and tradition.

Be part of the Emirates Perfumes & Oud Exhibition as it awaits to welcome a large number of visitors from all walks of life across the UAE and around the world!

An excellent opportunity to share expertise and experiences

The exhibition provides an exceptional opportunity for perfume experts and designers to share expertise and experiences on the industry’s best practices to offer unique perfumes that meet the needs and preferences of customers, as well as provide the finest types of oud and oud products that unveil a spirit of tradition and fuel a sense of warmth and happiness.

A world of authentic fragrances at your fingertips

Arab and Emirati homes are filled with an impressive selection of perfumes, especially the oriental oud and oud oil, which are the most appealing to many. With the distinctive scent and high value of oud, it is also offered as a precious gift that embodies luxury, generosity and kindness.

Currently, the perfume industry is witnessing an increasing demand for high-end Arabian fragrances like never before, and there is a huge market for different types of oriental scents, which will be featured at the Emirates Perfumes & Oud Exhibition, making it an ideal destination to explore different varieties of Arabian perfumes, update your industry know-how and learn from the biggest players in the perfume industry.

Why exhibit?

  • Develop new professional relationships
  • Communicate directly with peers and consumers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Sell products directly and get customer reviews
  • Know the latest trends from renowned brands in the perfume industry

High-quality target audience

The event opens its doors to all perfume lovers, merchants and buyers, as it anticipates a large number of visitors, amidst an amazing traditional ambiance exuding with distinctive oriental scent that takes you to a captivating world of authentic Arabian fragrances. The event offers an ideal platform to promote and sell your products directly to your target audience and understand customers’ diverse tastes and needs to help them choose the right perfumes that perfectly suit different occasions in their lives, as Arabic perfumes represent an essential element of local tradition and culture

An ideal destination to launch your new products

Emirates Perfumes & Oud Exhibition is an exceptional destination for perfumers and enthusiasts who are interested in the latest high-end Arabian perfumes and scents, thus it is a perfect platform to give your new line of fragrance collections a big launch, apart from increasing the visibility of your existing products by presenting your exclusive collections to visitors from all walks of life.

Showcase captivating scents intertwined with a rich history, evoking a nostalgic aroma of antiquity and the beautiful memories of the past.

Share your knowledge and insights about the best methods to store perfumes, the notable differences between oud and oud oil, and the artistic designs of Arabic perfume bottles and packages with exquisite traditional touches that truly stand out to customers.

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